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Re: nova-manage quota --headroom


Thanks Jay for the feedback and background info, comments inline ...

> > Eoghan Glynn wrote:
> > So the question is whether there's already a means to acheive this
> > in one fell swoop?
> Jay Pipes wrote: 
> Well, Horizon, in the launch instance modal dialog does show similar
> information. See attached screenshot. That dialog uses a call to the
> contrib/simple_usage extension of the compute API

Lovely, that's exactly the type of representation I had in mind
(but wearing my old-school CLI-oriented hat).

> Jay Pipes wrote: 
> Basically, you could take any of these approaches:
> a) Modify the simple_usage extension to return information about the
> quotas along with the usage information
> b) Make a new extension to the API that marries the usage with the
> quota
> c) Make a new novaclient call that exposes the married information

A new extension that combines the quota with a report on current usage 
levels (i.e. options b+c) seems neatest to me.