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Using VMWare ESXi with openstack



 I tried to see how we can control any existing infrastructure of
VMWare/XenServer etc from openstack.
What i understood is that nova compute needs to be installed on the
hypervisors(compute hosts) which can be Ubuntu Servers for KVM etc.
Also for XenServer, we can build a package on Ubuntu and then will have to
install on XenServer so that it can be controlled by cloud controller.

Basically openstack compute should be installed on hypervisor and accepts
the instructions from controller to create VM's, assign IP addresses,
destroy, attaching volumes etc.
Please confirm this understanding.

Based on this, i did not find anything on VMWare ESXi. How does the compute
gets installed on ESXi server ?

Also, i have seen cloudstack working which seems to be little different
than how openstack works. Cloudstack can control existing
VMWare/XenServer/KVM etc using their respective API's.
It doesnt require any installation on the hypervisor itself. If my
understanding is correct, then this seems to be a better model.
What is the reason that openstack cannot operate the hypervisors without
installing compute on them ?


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