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Re: Mailing-list split


Hey everyone!

On 04/27/2012 05:04 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:

> To avoid Launchpad list slowness, we would run the new openstack-dev
> list off lists.openstack.org. Given the potential hassle of dealing with
> spam and delivery issues on mission-critical MLs, we are looking into
> the possibility of outsourcing the maintenance of lists.openstack.org to
> a group with established expertise running mailman instances. Please let
> us know ASAP if you could offer such services. We are not married to
> mailman either -- if an alternative service offers good performance and
> better integration (like OpenID-based subscription to integrate with our
> SSO), we would definitely consider it.

Just to be clear - I definitely think that mailing lists are an
important part of dev infrastructure and would love for this to be a
fully integrated part of all of the rest of our tools. However, the
current set of active infrastructure team members have huge todo lists
at the moment. So the biggest home run from my perspective would be if
someone out there had time or resources and wanted to join us on the
infra team to manage this on our existing resources (turns out we have
plenty of servers for running this, and even a decent amount of
expertise, just missing manpower). The existing team would be more than
happy to be involved, and it would help avoid get-hit-by-a-truck issues.
We're a pretty friendly bunch, I promise.

Any takers? Anybody want to pony up somebody with some bandwidth to
admin a mailman? Respond back here or just find us in #openstack-infra
and we'll get you plugged in and stuff.


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