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Re: i18n of log message


Hi 彭勇,

On 01/05/12 03:38, 彭勇 wrote:
> the log messages of OpenStack are i18n now.
> i propose to use english only log messages:
> 1. if any one have problem, they can shared with others more easy.
> he can search english message, and send message to maillist.
> if the log message is i18n, a Chinese version message can't shared to
> Japanese.
> 2. if we have i18n log message, it's hard to update log message. we
> should update every localization version of message.

This was all actually covered in the i18n talk at the developer's summit:


The information in there says "mailing list says no, feedback from
session says yes (especially requested by operators in china) - need a
vote? compare to apache projects..."

I do also remember a suggestion of translated error messages and a
common error code (such as NOV1234 I guess?) to use in places such as a
Google search (such as MySQL does).  You could then search for the
translated error message or the code if you feel your language skills
are good enough to get multi-lingual results.

Since we are going to be reworking i18n very soon I suspect feedback
would be welcome.

Kind Regards
Andrew Hutchings - LinuxJedi - http://www.linuxjedi.co.uk/

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