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Re: Default swift replicas in devstack


Chmouel Boudjnah asked:

> devstack install swift if you are adding the service to your localrc (as specified in devstack README.rst). By 
> default if swift is installed it will configure three different replicas and due of the nature of replication
> makes a lot of IO which lead to people saying /devstack with swift kill my VM/.

> Since most people are not going to install swift on devstack for debugging/deving object replication and
> don't need obviously availability I was wondering if anyone have any objection if I set swift default replicas 
> to 1 in devstack. This is obviously a setting that people can adjust if they want.

If most people are not using swift then why would the number of replicas matter?
 If they are using swift as part of openstack for development purposes, shouldn't they be using it the way that it will be deployed?

In my evaluation Swift does rely on too heavily on network replication, which is why Nexenta has proposed the LFS patch to
enable reliance on self-healing replication from the local file system layer. But replication is an important part of having
data integrity, you shouldn't just turn it off unless you are running in an end-user environment that truly does not require
data integrity. I can only imagine a handful of such scenarios, mostly related to content distribution networks.