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hidden / phasing out instance_types/flavors


Hi Openstack community,

We recently uploaded this change: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/8007/

It adds a 'disabled' field to the 'instance_type' or 'flavor' concept.

The usage scenario we had in mind was to phase out a flavor that's already
in use; people shouldn't be able to build new instances from that flavor,
nor should customers see it in the list of available flavors. But when they
view an existing instance with that flavor type, they should still be able
to see the name of it at least. But should you change your mind later and
wish to re-enable it, it's easy to just flip the flag.

We'd appreciate feedback on the added field and the use of the namespace in
the core code. (Line 56 here:

The reasoning behind this is:
 * If we did it as an extension, it would greatly complicate the code. The
code is much simpler being right in the core code.
 * We can't just add a field to the API quickly, so we need to use the
 * The hope is that eventually it would be accepted into the  main API
anyway, then the coding would be just removing the namespace.

Many thanks in for reading. All feedback appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Matthew Sherborne

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