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[metering] Glance usage data retrieval



As part of the ceilometer project¹, we're working on usage data
retrieval from various OpenStack components. One of them is Glance.
We're targeting Folsom for the first release, therefore it seems
important for both projects to be able to work together, this is why
we're bringing ceilometer to your attention and asking for advices. :)

What we want is to retrieve the maximum amount of data, so we can meter
things, to bill them in the end. For now and for Glance, this only
includes the number of image uploaded (per user/tenant), but we'll need
probaly more in a near future.

At this point we plan to plug into the notification system, since it
seems to be what Glance provides to accomplish this. And so far, the
notifications provided seem enough to accomplish what we want to do.

Do you have any advice regarding integration of Ceilometer and Glance
together? Is this something a stable interface we can rely on, or is
there a better way to do so?

Thanks in advance,


¹  http://launchpad.net/ceilometer

Julien Danjou
// eNovance                      http://enovance.com
// ✉ julien.danjou@xxxxxxxxxxxx  ☎ +33 1 49 70 99 81

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