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Heat application for incubation


Dear members of the Project Policy Board:

After four months of development on the Heat project[1], the developers
voted[2] to apply for incubation.  The developers feel Heat provides a
feature rich user experience and is stable enough for more general
evaluation by the OpenStack community.

We did watch the Ceilometer incubation proposal, and noted the fact that
the PPB would like projects to spend more time in initial development
before requesting incubation.  Still we feel our code is in great shape
and ready for evaluation.  As a result, we ask that the PPB take up our
application a few weeks after the Grizzly summit has completed,
providing more time for community evaluation.

In the meantime, the developers would be happy to answer any questions
the community or Project Policy board may have for us.

Our pending application can be viewed at:



[1] https://github.com/heat-api/heat
[2] http://lists.heat-api.org/pipermail/discuss/2012-July/000165.html

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