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Re: [nova] [cinder] Nova-volume vs. Cinder in Folsom


Christopher B Ferris wrote:
> Speaking of the User Committee as proposed in the draft governance docs,
> I can
> certainly see value in having the committee chair chosen by the board.
> However, as
> currently proposed, there is a convoluted process for appointing the
> representatives
> of the committee. Frankly, if you want to give a voice to the end users,
> the user
> committee should be open to all who use the technology and wish to
> contribute their
> voice.

I completely agree with you. It's critically important that the user
committee is relevant and representative of the users, so that it can be
an influential voice in the design and priorities of development.

It can be very tricky to set up (it's easy to tell who is a developer,
not so easy to tell who is a user). People interested in the user
committee should really raise that subject on the Foundation
mailing-list so that this representativity and relevance is ensured.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack