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Adding dependencies for the Openstack project.



I have been noticing a rise of dependencies being added to the
tools/pip-requires or tools/test-requires to various parts of the
Openstack project. Its great to see the project grow and being used by
a lot of users and developers today. 

However most of the users whether they be Ubuntu users, Debian users,
or Fedora/RHEL users of Openstack,  a lot of the users are still get
their installation through the packaging provided by the distro. And
the dependencies for Openstack still have to be packaged for the distro
and made available for installation.

So when a developer adds a new dependency to either tools/pip-requires
or tools/test-requires please, please, please send an email to the
Openstack mailing list so the distro maintainers can take the
appropriate action for their distros.


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