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Re: Setting Expectations


Andrew Clay Shafer wrote:
> What is OpenStack?
> Clearly, OpenStack is many things to many people and organizations.
> What does it mean to contribute to OpenStack? What does it mean to
> deploy OpenStack? What does it mean to operate OpenStack?
> What do we mean when we say compatible? interoperable? community? branded?
> Is OpenStack a framework? a project? a product?
> Recent discussions make it clear that we have a lot of different ideas
> about all of these things.

These are important and difficult questions. As you say, OpenStack is
many different things to different people. So far we survived while
avoiding to answer clearly, mostly because we had no good way of coming
up with answers. That ultimately creates tension between participants in
our community when the different models clash.

My hope is that the formation of the Foundation will help providing a
forum for this discussion, and a mechanism to come with clearer answers.
I actually see that as the main mission of the Foundation for the first

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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