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TC Candidacy



I would like to run for one of the open seats on the Technical Committee.

I am passionate about the ongoing growth and success of the OpenStack
project.  I believe that my OpenStack experience, as well as past open
source experience would allow me to make substantial contributions to
the committee providing technical leadership.

== OpenStack Experience ==

I am currently a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, where I work on
OpenStack full time.

I have been contributing to the development of OpenStack since December
of 2011.  I'm a member of the nova-core, openstack-common-core, and
vulnerability management teams.  Here is my contributor summary to
OpenStack via ohloh.net:


You can also view my activity on gerrit, where I am very active in
reviewing patches.


== Past Open Source Leadership ==

Prior to working on OpenStack, I worked on the Asterisk open source
telephony project starting in 2004.  In the later years of my time with
Asterisk, I was the leader of the project.


Here is a summary of my development contributions to Asterisk:


I have also done some writing about Asterisk, which you can find here:



Thank you!

Russell Bryant

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