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TC candidacy


I'd like to propose myself as a Technical Committee candidate for one
of the open seats in the current election.

==Background and Experience==
Hi, I'm Anne Gentle, I work at Rackspace serving as the OpenStack doc
coordinator. I put "Content Stacker" on my business cards to point out
the power of content coming from many people and many projects that I
happily stack into organized sites. I maintain the docs.openstack.org
and api.openstack.org site by running the documentation project like a
code project, with blueprints, bugs, and task tracking. Also
documentation is published continuously and automatically with reviews
in the Gerrit system like code. I've been working on OpenStack for two
years. Here's a link to my contributed patches and reviews on Gerrit.

My open source experience precedes my OpenStack history. Starting
around 2008, I worked with FLOSS Manuals writing open source manuals
for open source software, http://flossmanuals.net. I'm always
researching the latest tools, techniques, and limited amount of
academic research available about open source and documentation. This
year I released a 2nd edition of my book, Conversation and Community:
The Social Web for Documentation that includes a chapter about open
source and documentation. It's a unique field and I'm quite drawn to

==Technical Expertise==
I've been working on technical documentation in software and IT and
have built a unique perspective through the years on how to integrate
documentation closely with fast-moving code. I also have the technical
knowledge and user perspective for consuming OpenStack APIs. I'm a
fast learner and open to many tools and processes related to code and

OpenStack affords us all opportunities to design, implement,
experiment, and build upon documentation and I enjoy working with the
community to continually improve the documentation. Thanks for your

Anne Gentle

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