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TC Candidacy


Hi all.

My Name is Matt Joyce.

I do hereby on this, the eighteenth day of the ninth month in the year of
our lord two thousand and twelve, announce my candidacy for a seat upon the
technical committee.

I have all the respect in the world for the folks running right now.  But I
figure the candidacy pool needs some more variety.  And in the spirit of
open source I've decided to add variety by doing it myself.

Enjoy the added variety.  And consider joining in yourself.  Don't be shy.
Jump in and get your hands dirty.

So I guess here are my OpenStack Qualifications:

I was a member of the Nebula Project at NASA as a DevOps team member and
later team leader.

I maintained the environment there for two years before joining
Cloudscaling, where I continue my involvement with OpenStack.

My most recent work has been in external software ( ssh ) integration with
keystone.  I've made some changes to horizon, nova, and of course did the
bulk of the portuguese translations of horizon.

I am core on the python-openstackclient.

And I am helping kickstart the OpenStack Security Group.

Here are my Non-OpenStack Qualifications:

I am an ex-Opsware Professional Services consultant at HP.

I used to work on the GTI Configuration Management team at JPMC.

And, as a result I've seen and worked on some very large automated
datacenter projects.

I have a kinetic familiarity with the automation arena historically, and a
deep appreciation of the future openstack aspires to.

Other things you might want to know:

I am involved with the ChaosVPN project.

I am a former member of the NYC Resistor Hackerspace, Hacker Dojo
Hackerspace, and a continual contributor to Make, Hackaday, and other fine

I once gave a talk at Defcon on trolling.

I enjoy long walks on the beach and finding creative ways to violate the
three laws of robotics.

Best Regards


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