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TC Candidacy


Hi everybody!

I'd like to run for a seat on the Technical Committee.

- OpenStack Experience -

I run the CI and Developer Automation team for OpenStack. There hasn't
always been a team, but as long as there has been, I've been doing it.
Before there was a proper team, there was Soren and I, and before that
there was just me. I set up the original Tarmac-based trunk gate that we
used before Gerrit, and I'm the original owner on many of the Launchpad
resources (because it turns out some human must be the ultimate owner of
things there) So it's pretty easy to say without boasting that there is
very little about the tooling that runs the project that I don't know
about, both in its current form and the history that got us to its
current form.

My commits and reviews can be seen here:

- Other Experience -

I work at HP where I lead a team of people who staff the rest of the CI
team. I do what I can as part of my job there to ensure that the
OpenStack Dev systems always have the resources they need to operate
effectively. Before HP I worked at Rackspace doing the same thing.

Before OpenStack at Rackspace I was a core developer on Drizzle, having
moved with the rest of the Drizzle team to Rackspace when Sun got bought
by Oracle. I was lucky enough to get involved in Drizzle hacking from
the beginning of that project while I was a Senior Consultant for MySQL
Inc (and then for Sun when we got bought) Although it doesn't come up in
this context very often, I'm pretty stinking good at MySQL Scaling and
High Availability. I've been a Python hacker since I wrote the SNPP
protocol library for Python in 2000, and have experience as both a
developer and a *nix sysadmin stretching back to 1994.

Recently I became a member of the Python Software Foundation, and I sit
on the OpenStack Foundation Board.

- Why I should be on the Technical Committee -

The TC provides direction to the project as a whole and acts as a
collaboration point and focus for consensus between the projects. Often
times things that are decided by the TC have a direct effect on the
automation systems that we use to run things ... so having someone from
the CI and Automation teams represented seems like a really good idea.
Additionally, since I tend to be cross-project focused rather than
involved in any one specific project, I'd like to think that I have a
decent unbiased perspective on issues that are related to project
agreement and consistency.

Thanks for your consideration!

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