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TC Candidacy


Hey all,

I'd like throw my hat in the ring for a seat on the TC as well.

Like Matt, I think the current crew of TC candidates are excellent, and I as a community member would be happy with any of them, but more choices are always good (unless they are bubble gum jelly beans, then all bets are off).

-- OpenStack Credentials --

I've been involved with OpenStack since March of this year, when IBM first got engaged in the community. I've been primarily working on nova and testing code during that time. My reviews and contributions are here https://review.openstack.org/#/q/reviewer:sdague%2540linux.vnet.ibm.com+OR+owner:sdague%2540linux.vnet.ibm.com,n,z

-- Non-OpenStack Credentials --

I've been a part of IBM's Linux Technology Center since it's creation in 2001, and contributed to numerous OpenSource projects over that time. Some relevant highlights have been the SystemImager tool for cluster installation and the OSCAR HPC toolkit. Contributions to the management and testing stacking in Xen. A mostly complete and varied history can be found at ohloh - https://www.ohloh.net/accounts/sdague.

I'm also a personal contributor to many other smaller open source projects in varied languages - some of which is captured in github - https://github.com/sdague.

From a leadership perspective I'm the president and founder of our local area Linux and Open Source Users Group (created almost 10 years ago) - http://mhvlug.org.

-- Reasons for Interest in TC --

My particular areas of focus over the next year are upgrade and testing. I want very much for OpenStack to be able to not only upgrade cleanly, but also be able to rolling upgrade in the field from one release to the next. This is going to be a long road ahead to get there and I think having a voice with this particular lens on the TC would help get us there as a community.

Thank you for your consideration,


Sean Dague
IBM Linux Technology Center
email: sdague@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
alt-email: sldague@xxxxxxxxxx

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