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TC candidacy


I'd like to hereby nominate myself as candidate for a seat on the
Technical Committee.

I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Cisco Systems. In the past, I've
held similar positions at Nebula, Rackspace and Canonical.

I've been part of this project since before it was called OpenStack,
mostly focusing on Nova, but also spending a lot of time building up a
lot of the automation (including the CI infrastructure) to help us hit
the ground running in the very beginning. Monty's team is doing a
fantastic job looking after the infrastructure stuff now, so I've
almost entirely backed off from that.

I'm a core developer of Ubuntu and hold a seat on Ubuntu's technical
board. In the course of my work on Ubuntu, I've contributed to
countless open source projects, in recent years mostly focusing on
virtualisation related things.

I think our most important qualities in OpenStack are reliability and
scalability and this will very likely shine through in my work on the
technical committee.

Even though I've spent most of my OpenStack time working on Nova, I
have a keen sense of the bigger picture, both in terms of considering
the other OpenStack projects, but also considering our various
upstreams and downstreams.

Soren Hansen             | http://linux2go.dk/
Senior Software Engineer | http://www.cisco.com/
Ubuntu Developer         | http://www.ubuntu.com/
OpenStack Developer      | http://www.openstack.org/

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