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TryStack latest status


Hi all -

We're taking small steps to get the TryStack experience back on track.

Yesterday we moved the trystack.org site to Rackspace hosting rather
than on an Apache server on the Cloud Controller and enabled SSL on
that site. That move should keep the site up and the content is
updated to set expectations on the latest, which is:
- The ARM zone, running Essex code, is the only available TryStack
installation. Both the Essex and Diablo zones (x86) have been closed
for maintenance.
- Request access to the ARM zone using this form: http://eepurl.com/nGEzj.

The next step is to get an x86 zone back up, running Folsom code.
- SwiftStack has offered to help with deploying an Object Storage
installation on TryStack. Thanks Joe and John!
- Nachi Ueno would like assistance with deploying Compute, Image, and
Identity on TryStack. Contact him to help. Great opportunity to get
some ops chops!

Thanks for your patience while we continue to work through repeatable,
managed processes to make TryStack run predictably.

Anne and Nachi

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