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[Announce][Ceilometer] Release 0.1 (Folsom)


Dear Fellow stackers,

We are pleased to announce today the release of ceilometer 0.1 (Folsom).
 As its version number implies, it is still a project in its infancy, as
it has not yet been incubated as an OpenStack project.  It should,
however, be ready to be used by the most adventurous ones as it offers a
fairly nice coverage of OpenStack, a workable database backend, and a
clean and sweet admin API to retrieve metering information from.

What is ceilometer?
The ceilometer project aims to deliver a unique point of contact for
billing systems to acquire all of the measurements they need to
establish customer billing, across all current OpenStack core components
with work underway to support future OpenStack components. We hope that,
once accepted for incubation, it’s official name will become OpenStack

What does Ceilometer cover at the moment?
Ceilometer covers meters collected from Compute (nova), Network
(quantum), Image (glance), and Volume (cinder).  We’re obviously missing
Object (swift) in this first release, but we have this clearly on our
roadmap for our Grizzly release, and maybe even before depending on the
agility of our contributors.

Regarding Nova, most of the Nova meters will only work with libvirt
fronted hypervisors at the moment, and our test coverage was mostly done
on KVM. Contributors are of course welcome to implement meters for other
virtualization backends.

A detailed list of meters can be found at:

Detailed release notes are at:

Where is ceilometer’s release?
As for all other OpenStack project, it can be found on the tarballs
server, and more specifically at
and we hope you will be able to find packages in most distributions soon.

Note that, even though we are not yet an official OpenStack project, the
infra team has been supporting us wonderfully and we’ve been using
OpenStack infrastructure happily since the beginning of this project.
Big thanks to the infra team for their help and wonderful setup.

Who has contributed to ceilometer so far?
Doug Hellmann, Julien Danjou, Eoghan Glynn, Loic Dachary, John Tran,
Steven Berler, Jay Pipes, Graham Bins, Francis Lacoste, Thierry Carrez,
Anne Gentle, Surya Prabhakar, Nick Barcet and the OpenStack
Infrastructure team have provided help in making this release possible
(we hope we did not miss anyone here...).

Why doesn’t ceilometer do this?
We would enjoy hearing about the missing feature that we either never
thought about or haven’t had time to write yet.  You can tell us about
it on the mailing list (see below) or even better, if you are coming to
the OpenStack Developer summit, join us in one of our technical workshop
sessions at the summit on Monday morning:

Monday 9:50am - State of Metering

Monday 11am - Customizing Ceilometer to measure your cloud

Monday 11:50am - Beyond metering - Extending Ceilometer


or come to the conference presentation Doug Hellmann and Nick Barcet
will be giving:

Monday at 2:40pm - What about billing? An introduction to Ceilometer


Where to find more about Ceilometer?
Project home and bug tracker:


Mailing list:
  (prefix subjects with [metering] for faster responses)


Code hosting:


Code reviews:



  #openstack-metering on freenode

We hope that you’ll find this contribution valuable.

On behalf of the ceilometer team,
Nick Barcet <nick.barcet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
aka: nijaba, nicolas

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