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Re: [Swift] Auth problem


Hi Kun,

> I got "user_<login1>_<login2> = <password> <privileges>" from
> http://www.stephenbroeker.com/2012/03/28/openstack-swift-tempauth-module/,
> but what's different from login1 and login2?

Perhaps the "login1", "login2" labels is what's causing your
confusion. The format of the proxy config entries for tempauth is

  user_<account>_<username> = <password> <privileges>

In the SAIO examples we see, "user_test_tester = testing .admin". In
this case the account name is "test", username "tester" and password
"testing". This user is also an administrator for the account.

For tempauth there's no further action required to define an account.

> Another question is what is purpose for writing data (those four accounts)
> in conf files? If I create a new account and restart relevant service, what
> will happen on that data about new account?

Adding another account to the config file and/or restarting the
services has no effect on data belonging to existing accounts.

> I have read http://www.stephenbroeker.com/2012/03/14/swift-rest-api-example/
> and
> http://docs.openstack.org/api/openstack-object-storage/1.0/content/storage-account-services.html.
> To create a new account is curling "PUT /v1/<account> HTTP/1.1". Is there
> any other way to create a new account, like using swift and swift-* command?
> Does I miss some basic documentation or wiki?

When using tempauth this command is unnecessary. An account is created
by simply adding it to the proxy config file as described above.


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