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Re: [OpenStack][Swift] Fast way of uploading 200GB of 200KB files to Swift


> According to the info below, i think the current size is 256 right?
> If I format the storage partition, will that automatically clear all the contents from the storage or do I need to clean something else as well?
> Output from xfs_info:
> meta-data=/dev/sda3              isize=256    agcount=4, agsize=13309312 blks

Yes, this is the wrong inode size.

When you format the disk on one node it will start to sync the removed data back from the other nodes to this machine (as long as the object-replicator is running on the other nodes).
Note that this can take a pretty long time. (our nodes with millions of files more then a week to sync)

If you want to throw away everything and start with a empty cluster my guess is you would need to stop everything and also remove the account and container databases.
I've never done this so I can't tell you for sure if that does not break anything or if it needs any manual intervention to re-create the databases.


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