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Openstack - cinder - volume driver NFS



I've installed openstack Folsom on centos with the epel repo.
Basically the all things works on 4 nodes configuration(controller,
network and 2 compute). Quantum is configured with GRE and L3

At my point, i'd like to go futher on the storage part.

I'm trying to use the cinder NFS driver to manage volume.  From what I
read, the driver is basic : créate/delete volume on an NFS share.
Well but I didn't manage to get it work ...  can you help me please ?
what I must do ?

When I look into the cinder/volume.log, I see that cinder first create
a LV, and  try to stat </nfsPath/><bigUUID>  and fail. Why cinder try
to créate a LV ? and try to access a directory on the nfs share thaht
is not create before ?

Moreover if you have any advice for a "good" basic shared storage
architecture with Openstack, plz shared the information ;)

In cinder.conf :
state_path = /var/lib/cinder
nfs_mount_point_base = /mnt/exports/volumes/
#nfs_sparsed_volumes = True
#nfs_disk_util = df
lock_path = /var/lib/cinder/tmp

Thank you in advance.



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