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Quantum client and SSL support



Could someone please confirm whether or not Quantum client
(top-of-trunk) supports SSL ?

http://wiki.openstack.org/SecureClientConnections appears to suggest
that SSL is not supported.

Snippet from the wiki page:
quantumclient (not started)

replace httplib2 with requests
add --os-cacert and OS_CACERT support
provide ca_cert to keystone clinet for authentication

Not sure how up to date the wiki page is. Quick scanning of the
blueprint list comes up empty...

If the answer is "no", are there any plans for SSL support in Quantum client ?

This email thread https://lists.launchpad.net/openstack/msg09982.html
from last April gives me an impression that the SSL support was there
before the Quantum client got restructured in Folsom (?)
If that's the case, off hand, does anyone knows whether the code
before the Quantum client got restructured would work with the current
version of the API (v2) ?