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[openstack] [nova-api] How to explain the 'POST' APIRouter in nova-api .release F?


Hi friends, I got the confused at the 'POST' Mapper Router in nova-api,
release F.


self.resources['servers'] = servers.create_resource(ext_mgr)

    mapper.resource("server", "servers",


                    collection={'detail': 'GET'},

                    member={'action': 'POST'})

ok, 'GET' is fine.

the 'GET' req, such as /v2/servers which coming from *nova list* cmd, the *
method* detail will be used to handler the req in

but how the 'POST', such as *cmd* nova pause <server>. Question list:

   1. what are the controller and action?
   2. how to explain the routing?

Tks all

Lawrency Meng

mail: mengql112233@xxxxxxxxx

phone: 13811465151