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OpenStack Folsom (Devstack) Network Pre-configuration


Hi all,

I am using devstack to deploy an experiment cloud, following exactly
everything as listed on http://devstack.org. I want to try the devstack
all-in-one options upon a Ubuntu-desktop 12.10 host directly. After
shooting the stack.sh script, everything seems to work as expected, I can
successfully launch a fresh instance from horizon interface, but I can't
access (ping) the instance from my host machine.

I have two NICs, eth0 is statically configured with, eth1 is
configured in promiscuous mode. I can reach Internet from eth0 and with
command "brctl show", I can confirm eth1, vnet0 are plugged in the br100

Digging around, I found in the DHCP release, DHCPOFFER, no DHCPREQUEST,
DHCPACK in /var/log/syslog. And with tcpdump, I can get ARP request packets
on interface br100 and vnet0, but nothing on eth1.

Since it's all-in-one mode, there seems no other traffic between different
nodes, so I just leave eth1 unplugged in any switch/routers, is this the
problem? Or can i just use one NIC to set up the environment, then how? Can
anyone please further clarify the network pre-configuration requirements
for openstack, for single node and multi-nodes? Thanks.


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