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Re: QUANTUM: DHCP issue with dnsmasq starting on network node under Folsom release on Ubuntu 12.04-1


Rob, many thanks I'll check the name spaces, but I suspect that the
ubuntu 12.04 dnsmasq install (it's not there by default) does
a *:LISTEN which would be bad for the quantum dhcp agent plugin.

I'll simply disable the dnsmasq start on boot as a service and try again.

Thanks for the pointer.


On 01/20/2013 01:49 PM, Robert Collins wrote:
> On 19 January 2013 19:17, Ivan <isb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>          I've hit a brick wall trying to get the dnsmasq process to bind
>> correctly and get itself ready to answer bootp/dhcp broadcasts.
> do you have net namespaces in use?
> (ip netns list)
> If not, I suspect your dhcp lease relay and dhcp-agent are binding to
> the same port and will conflict, as you see.
> -Rob