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Re: OpenStack Single Node Network Setting


Hello Li, and everyone on the list.

Yes, indeed I have my personal cloud working for several months now.

If you want to deploy it on Ubuntu, check my blog. I have updated it with
my deployment tool. It works just fine for both physical boxes and virtual
Also, it setup the network using VlanManager, so you get tenant isolation.

Check it out at:


On 26 January 2013 20:31, Rain Li <lyp20062392@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi, Ronivon,
> I saw your post on openstack mail-list, that you set up a single-node
> openstack environment. Cloud you please show me your network configuration.
> How many NICs do you use, do you configure any them in static or
> promiscuous mode? How do you setup the route info? I tried to set up one,
> but always can't access&ping my initialized instances. Thanks.
> Regards,
> Rain Lee