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Glance Image upload error


Hi Stackers-

I have newly installed openstack keystone, glance in my Ubuntu 12.04 system

When I add image to glance, I get this error.

root@NewFolsomController:~# glance add  name=testImage is-public=true
container_format=bare disk_format=qcow2 < test.img
The progressbar doesn't show-up because the headers[x-meta-size] is zero or
Uploading image 'testImage'
Failed to add image. Got error:
The request returned a 302 Multiple Choices. This generally means that you
have not included a version indicator in a request URI.

The body of response returned:
{"versions": [{"status": "CURRENT", "id": "v1.1", "links": [{"href": "";, "rel": "self"}]}, {"status": "SUPPORTED",
"id": "v1.0", "links": [{"href": "";, "rel":
Note: Your image metadata may still be in the registry, but the image's
status will likely be 'killed'.

Kindly help me resolve the issue.

Trinath Somanchi,
+91 9866 235 130

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