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Sunday 2/17 wiki migration date


Hi all -
The wiki migration date is set for Sunday February 17. The Infrastructure
team will perform the changeover that day, then cleanup begins. We don't
expect downtime other than DNS change over, but we are asking you all to
take part in a clean up on Sunday and Monday  (which happens to be a U.S.
President's day, so if your kids are home  from school, put them to work!
Just kidding.)

On any wiki page you care for, here's a checklist for the migration:

 - Ensure table formats are correct. This task may require some manual
cleanup, though these look clean to me at a glance.
 - The Table of Contents macro must be replaced with "__TOC__" or you can
further customize it, see
 - Columns with the column macro will not migrate -- you must convert to
table markup with border=0.
 - Ensure your videos play back correctly - Ryan is implementing a macro
for the embedded YouTube videos. Other videos are simply linked, not
 - Ensure images display correctly. For example, embedded JPGs using {{
http://link.to.image/image.jpg}} links will not migrate correctly.
 - Some links will not migrate correctly, for example Moin was more
forgiving with spaces after the | symbol indicating a link. So, the top
link example migrates incorrectly, the bottom does link correctly after
   * [[HowToContribute | How to Contribute ]]
   * Sign the [[CLA|Contributor agreement]]

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.