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Quantum - can't reach VMs, VMs can't reach metadata



- Deployed with Juju
- Folsom
- Three nodes, all on the same network:
 - Quantum gateway running GRE tunnels (default supported by juju charm)
 - Cloud controller
 - Compute

The gateway has another interface to a public network.

I created a private logical network in quantum and booted a VM in it. I
added SSH and ping rules to the security group. From the quantum gateway
(or anywhere else), I can't ping it. Also, the VM log shows that it gets
the correct IP address.

ci-info: lo    : 1       .

ci-info: eth0  : 1   fa:16:3e:f0:bf:72

ci-info: route-0:         eth0   UG

ci-info: route-1:   eth0   U

I also hadn't set up the metadata service yet since the juju charm
doesn't install it. I tried installing it on the cloud controller and
configuring the metadata_host on the quantum gateway to point to it. I
still can't ping from anywhere. Should that go on the
quantum gateway itself instead?


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