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[nova] python-novaclient 2.11.0 release


Hello Everyone,

I just pushed version 2.11.0 of python-novaclient to Pypi. There are a lot of fixes and features in this release. Here is a brief overview:

Bug Fixes

private key files now created with 400 permissions
nova quota-show now uses current tenant by default
nova live-migration supports automatic dest host
fixed bash completion on osx
simplified keyring support
fixed for keypair-add to expand homedir
improved instance fault printing
fixed for prettytable 6.1
fixed tls support
fixed alphanumeric flavor ids
improved search by name for nova list
added support for missing quota types
fixed nova boot nics support with bdm

Feature Support
nova usage (folsom)
nova boot --image-with (folsom)
nova boot --num-instances (folsom)
nova availability-zone-list (grizzly)
nova get-spice-console (grizzly)
nova get-password (grizzly)
nova net-list (grizzly)
nova evacuate (grizzly admin)
nova coverage-report (grizzly admin)
nova manage agent-* (grizzly admin)
nova network-create/(dis)associate/ (grizzly admin)
nova floating-ip-bulk-* (grizzly admin)
nova scrub (grizzly admin)
nova baremetal-* (grizzly admin)

As always bugs can be reported at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-novaclient


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