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Re: Multiple quantum L3 agents in Folsom


Continuing my investigation, I tested the same setup on latest Devstack and
it works fine there.

I have also set up a fresh test environment with latest Folsom from ubuntu
cloud repo. Setup consists of single controller and network nodes. Still
have the same problem as reporeted before.

Here is the network configuration and some output from 'ip netns' -

Is this a bug in Folsom? Can somone confirm a working multi-l3 agent

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 6:45 PM, Jānis Ģeņģeris <janis.gengeris@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to run two Quantum L3 agents where each of them handles
> different external network which is attached to separate router.
> Depending on which agent was started as last, it clears all interfaces on
> the router that is handled by first L3 agent.
> I have the following configs for agents:
> * first agent:
> ----------------------------
> gateway_external_network_id = 7dcb378b-f32b-4a42-bdc1-5294cf2ac14a
> handle_internal_only_routers = True
> external_network_bridge = br-ex
> * second agent:
> ----------------------------
> gateway_external_network_id = 7b9063c2-eeb8-436b-bc01-07bfcc5ec8f0
> handle_internal_only_routers = False
> external_network_bridge = br-ex
> Is there a problem with config? I'm wandering if 'external_network_bridge'
> can be the same on both agent configs, because the sample in the docs shows
> that each agent config have different 'external_network_bridge'. I'm
> running Quantum setup with VLANs, and all VLANs are trunked through 'br-ex'.
> What can be the problem here?
> Regards,
> --janis