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Configuring More-than-One Cinder Node


I have an installation that wants to deploy two or more cinder nodes within an OpenStack (Folsom) cluster. All of the hits I find on Google for configuring cinder only describe how to configure the software for a single node. Is it even possible to have more than one node running the cinder services in a cluster?

The setup I have has one of the cinder nodes identified as "the" cinder node to the compute and other node types. A second node was installed and the cinder services started.

On the nova controller node, however, while a new volume could be created that was listed in the MySQL database as on the second node, all attempts to attach that volume to an instance "silently" failed. The "nova volume-attach" command would come back with an id and mapping of instance to volume, but the very next "nova volume-list" command continued to show the volume in question as "available."

If the second cinder node had the cinder-volume service running, volumes on that node could be deleted. If cinder-volume was not running, the "delete" would go on forever.

Everything works as expected with only the cinder node configured in nova.conf running, i.e. as a single cinder node installation. Volumes can be created, attached, used, detached, and deleted.

Are there some extra parameters that should be set in either nova.conf or cinder.conf to indicate that the cinder services are available on more-than-one node? Or is what we're trying to do something unexpected and not supported?



Craig E. Ward
USC Information Sciences Institute

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