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nova-volume communication public eth0 change to private eth1


Hi all:
I have some issue about nova-volume network(public eth0 change to private eth1).
I use openstack essex version.
My Environment :
Muti-host network
Public ip :
Private ip :

Controller has nova-volume partition.
public: private:
                Create Volume-1 10G
                Create VM-1: public: private:
Compute doesn't have nova-volume partition:
public: private:
                Create VM-2: public: private:

When I attached Volume-1 into VM-1 for NFS.
VM-2 mount NFS into /mnt/ for transfer files.

The issue is:
What it always transfer files from public ip(eth0) not private ip.
Can I change from public ip to private ip(eth1)?
Because the public interface bandwidth will be occupied.

Does anyone have idea? Or some hint for me
Thanks a lot