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TC candidacy


Hi everyone,

I'd like to run for reelection to one of the Technical Committee
directly-elected seats.

For those who don't know me, I've been handling release management
duties for OpenStack since November 2010, a work currently sponsored by
the OpenStack Foundation. My involvement is mostly around project
coordination, keeping a global view and trying to anticipate issues as
our development community grows even larger. I'm also heading the
Vulnerability Management team, which handles incoming security issues
reports. On the development side, I authored the rootwrap framework
which is being used by a few of our projects, and whenever I find some
free time, I'm working on improving it.

I've been regularly elected by our community to the Project Policy Board
and Technical Committee directly-elected seats for the last two years. I
was heavily involved in the transition to our new governance, authored
the Technical Committee charter, and have been chosen to chair it for
the past 6 months.

I think it's important that the Technical Committee contains
representation from the horizontal functions within the project (Docs,
QA, Infrastructure, Vulnerability management, Release management...),
since each project is already represented by the seats granted for all PTLs.

Over the last 30 months we grew from 2 projects to 10 projects, and I'm
proud to be part of this community which successfully managed to handle
growth and adoption while preserving our ideals of open design and open

The challenges ahead of us include accommodating further growth, resist
fragmentation, and maintaining efficiency and coherence as we grow well
past Dunbar's number. I hope that you place me in a position where I can
help us through those challenges.


Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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