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TC Candidacy


Hello all,

I would like to run for a seat on the TC.   I am one of the original
developers of Rackspace Cloud Files which became Openstack Swift, and was
deeply involved with the creation of Openstack.  I also lead the team at
Rackspace to create Cloud Block Storage which built off the foundation of
Openstack Cinder, and during that time contributed directly and indirectly
to Nova and Cinder.  I have the unique experience of not only developing
across several Openstack projects, but also being responsible for deploying
the projects at a very large scale.  I have a track record for fighting for
reasonable APIs, upgradeability, and maintainability across projects.  I
have also fought to ensure that we have equal and fair representation from
all projects in the Openstack community.

The purpose of the TC is not to "legislate from the bench", but when
questions and issues are brought to the TC I will continue to support these
ideals.  I deeply care for Openstack and its future success, so please
consider me for this position.


Chuck Thier

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