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I'd like to run for a seat on the Technical Committee. I am a Principal Engineer at Cloudscaling, but I am running as an individual.

For over two years, beginning with Bexar, I have been working to bring working OpenStack solutions to customers. My first code contributions landed in Cactus, but my contributions have not been limited to code alone. I propose and drive summit and mailing list discussions, contribute to those discussions led by others, have begun contributing to packaging efforts, and soon intend to land documentation changes.

The code I do write and review tends to be in Oslo. Working with Oslo, and with OpenStack deployments, I have the perspective to work across projects.

Before my involvement with OpenStack, in my former role as the owner and technical director of a VPS hosting company, I was already building open source cloud infrastructure as early as 2007.  For years preceding the existence of OpenStack, I've worked on many of the technical problems and challenges facing a cloud, not only those related to virtualization, networking, and storage, but also billing, metering, and user interfaces.

The number of companies and contributors involved in OpenStack is exploding. Each conference has been shockingly larger than the last. We have new projects being added in each 6-month release. These are problems that the TC must be prepared to deal with. We need technical leadership that understands the problems of these projects, can help them succeed, and especially for those individually elected seats -- can bring them to together.

I am deeply committed to the success of OpenStack and to open source cloud. I thank you for your consideration and ask that you please vote for me. 

Eric Windisch

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