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swift: Account not found[grizzly]


Hi all:

I just installed swift from github, after I configure a proxy node and a
storage node, and run the stat command, it fails:
# swift -v -V 2.0 -A http://controller:5000/v2.0 -U service:swift -K
nsfocus stat
Account not found

Keystone and disk configuation seem OK, syslog gives:
Apr  9 13:45:21 node1 account-server AUTH_2755db390fcd4c9bb504242617d5f6a0
(txn: tx6919d8c66d454e50a9b03deded9b2ec8)
Apr  9 13:45:21 node1 account-server - - [09/Apr/2013:05:45:21
+0000] "HEAD /swr/27113/AUTH_2755db390fcd4c9bb504242617d5f6a0" 404 -
"tx6919d8c66d454e50a9b03deded9b2ec8" "-" "-" 0.0020 ""

I read the code and find that the server try to visit db file:
/srv/node/swr/accounts/27113/e03/1a7a753448a645fdf2b6bcc7223e5e03, but my
directory  /srv/node/swr/accounts/ is empty, so server return a 404 error.

I find that the db file is only created when the server receives a
REPLICATE request, but I do not know how to generate such a request, or why
does it not generate automatically.

Moreover, what is the minimal amount of storage nodes?

Wenmao Liu

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