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can't get db_sync to work


Trying to get openstack going with postgresql 9.2 as the database. Started with glance. I got all the grizzly RPMs from this repo:


The database is created and the connection seems to work fine, but I get this error:

[root@glance site-packages]# glance-manage db_sync
2013-04-10 20:36:47.482 2786 CRITICAL glance [-] 'PGSchemaChanger' object has no attribute '_validate_identifier'

I googled that and found a reference that it was an upstream SQLAlchemy bug that was fixed in 0.7.1.

Luckily, the repo above provides version 0.7.8 of SQLAlchemy. I noticed that both version 0.5.5 and 0.7.8 of SQLAlchemy are installed:

[root@glance glance]# yum list installed python-sqlalchemy*
Installed Packages
python-sqlalchemy.noarch 0.5.5-3.el6_2 @system-base
python-sqlalchemy0.7.x86_64 0.7.8-1.el6 @epel

But forcing removal of 0.5.5 and restarting everything does not cause the issue to go away. Is there something else I can check? Is there some way to just dump the SQL commands to manually create the database? Is there some way to force glance to use the 0.7.8 version of SQLAlchemy?

Not that I believe it's relevant, but here's the connection string from the config file (scrubbed). Both the api and registry configs have this set, and it's the only config value I changed from the default.

sql_connection = postgresql://$user:$pass@$ip/glance


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