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using Glusterfs for instance storage



We've started implementing a Glusterfs-based solution for instance storage in order to provide live migration.  I've run into a strange problem when using a multi-node Gluster setup that I hope someone has a suggestion to resolve.

I have a 12 node distributed/replicated Gluster cluster.  I can mount it to my client machines, and it seems to be working alright.  When I launch instances, the nova-compute log on the client machines are giving me two error messages:

First is a qemu-kvm error: could not open disk image /exports/instances/instances/instance-00000242/disk: Invalid argument
(full output at http://pastebin.com/i8vzWegJ)

The second error message comes a short time later ending with nova.openstack.common.rpc.amqp Invalid: Instance has already been created
(full output at http://pastebin.com/6Ta4kkBN)

This happens reliably with the multi-Gluster-node setup.  Oddly, after creating a test Gluster volume composed of a single brick and single node, everything works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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