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[ANN] Tsuru PaaS Free Trial SignUp



We from globo.com's PaaS team are launching try.tsuru.io as a private beta
with the goal of making available an easy way of people get to know and try

With tsuru, developers and teams don't need to worry with servers or
with building
a deploy, they can focus on the most important: the application.

Tsuru makes possible to write applications in the language of your
preference, to use services
like SQL and NoSQL databases, memcached, redis (and many others) by
simply plugin them into your

You manage your application using the command line or the web
interface and you deploy via git.
Everything is taken care by tsuru's infrastructure.

You also can change tsuru's orchestration system. We currently work
with Amazon, OpenStack (via EC2 api), LXC,
and docker (the latter is in development stage).

Tsuru is an Open Source project, feel free to look its source[0],
build your own PaaS using tsuru[1],
contribute[2] or suggest features/report bugs[3].

[0] - https://github.com/globocom/tsuru/
[1] - http://docs.tsuru.io/en/latest/lxc.html
[2] - http://docs.tsuru.io/en/latest/#contributions-and-feedback
[3] - https://github.com/globocom/tsuru/issues

Thank you!


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