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Re: [Keystone] Need feedback on how to fix keystone ldap domain support for Grizzly; are you using keystone ldap with multiple domains?


Hi Brad,

FWIW-- I'm using AD as the LDAP backend and was using the msSFU30NisDomain
attribute for the domain_id mapping. I'm now leveraging some OpenLDAP
overlay magic instead, but I digress. I could see value for us in being
able to leverage a domain_id stored in LDAP although admittedly we aren't
yet using it. Could option 1 be implemented but be configurable? Something
like "domains_enabled"? If disabled then the behavior in the default domain
is used for all operations, if enabled then the current behavior is used?


On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Brad Topol <btopol@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> The current implementation of Keystone's domain support when using LDAP as
> a backend is broken in the read-only case for Grizzly.  This is because
> Keystone in Grizzly assumes it can create a default domain which is not
> possible for many read-only LDAPs.  We are trying to backport a fix for
> this.  Basically  we have two options:
> 1.  Completely refrain from trying to store domains in LDAP.  If we run
> with the assumptions that most LDAPs don't have the concept of a domain
> than we just assume that there is one default domain per LDAP backend for
> Grizzly.
> 2.  Patch the current implementation so that if the default domain does
> not exist essentially emulate having one.  This will work but will leave in
> storing the domain_id in an LDAP attribute such as businessCategory (or
> equivalent attribute, its mappable).   This design has been seen by many as
> not desirable so we would like to avoid having to leave it in if we can and
> then  start fresh for Havana.
> Ideally we would like to go with Option 1.  We need to know if there are
> any early adopters of Grizzly that are using keystone with an LDAP backend
> and using it to store multiple domains in the LDAP.   Because if we
> backport option 1 we will most certainly break anyone who is using
>  keystone with an LDAP backend and using it to store multiple domains in
> the LDAP.
> Please provide us input on this if you are using keystone ldap domain
> support!
> Thanks,
> Brad
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