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Nova-network multi-NIC


Dear openstackers,

I'm missing a piece of information when I read this page

Scenario 1. My compute host has only one NIC but I'd like my VMs to be
multi-NIC. I'd like to use VLANs in the host for the different virtual
networks (I understand from the above page this is possible?). So in
Scenario 1, the host may have multiple VLANs, each one with its own bridge,
and the VMs obviously can connect to any of those virtual networks.

Scenario 2. My compute host has multiple NICs and my VMs will be multi-NIC.
One bridge/physical NIC on the host (and thus one virtual network /
physical NIC). This case seems to me a bit more straightforward.

Then I have three questions:

1. Are both scenarios supported by nova-network? If I read the page above,
specially HA Option 3, I imply this is true
2. How would my nova.conf look like in both cases? There is usually only
one entry for flat_network in it.
3. Will nova-network configure the VLANs for me in Scenario 1? Or will it
only create the virtual bridges and attach to VLAN interfaces I must create

Please enlighten me.