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Re: swift and disk usage


Am 08.05.13 21:18, schrieb Paras pradhan:
> I have a three nodes swift cluster. I can see the objects being 
> replicated to all three nodes.  Each node has 12 2TB disks. Since I 
> have 3 replicas the usable space is only 24TB ?

Yes, that's correct.

> How this will scale up if we add two more storage nodes of the same 
> capacity?

5 * 12 * 2 / 3: ~ 40TB usable capacity.

> Also, is there any tool to monitor the usage, health of the whole 
> cluster?

To detect failed drives you might have a look at

For Swift-related monitoring please refer to

For general node monitoring you can use your preferred tool (Nagios,
Icinga, Shinken, RHQ, Hyperic...).

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