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[HyperV][xen] Porting Windows disk_image from xen to HyperV


Hi guys,

I've got a quick question regarding HyperV and Xen
virtualization modes and their compatibility.

Can you help me out on this? Here's the deal:

Knowing that when xen boots up a Windows box, it goes
as "HVM" (Hardware Virtualization) but needs some "PV"
(Paravirtualization) drivers...

And that Hyper-V *does* work with Windows in HVM (without
the PV-drivers), theorically and tecnically, is there a way I could
have a "Windows Server" which the disk_image is xen-based
ported to HyperV ? Even if I have to apply some process in the way

Thank you!


Bruno de Oliveira
System Analyst, Developer
skype: brunnop.oliveira

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