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Re: [OpenStack Marketing] New code name for networks


Hi Jason,

thank you for picking up this topic: some people may not be aware of the work that is happening.

Remember that cross-posting is *evil*: please just don't do it. The best way is to pick one list, the one you think is the best place to start a conversation, and start there. If it's the wrong place, somebody will tell you that and give suggestions.

On 05/11/2013 12:50 PM, Jason Smith wrote:
> Hello, I understand why we had to give up Quantum code name but
> rather than just refer to it as networking let's come up with a new
> code name!

This could have been a topic for openstack-dev, IMHO: it needs to be discussed among the developers because it has lots of technical implications for future of the project.

Anyway, there is a blueprint filed:


and the progress is tracked at the weekly meetings. I encourage you to
participate to them:


In the past meeting


Mark McClain said:

21:31:18 <markmcclain> for naming? yes.. will submit a list of name for vetting

I guess the marketing team can be consulted to help pick the final name from the list, together with the other groups involved in this important decisions.


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