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[metering] Ceilometer plugin for VM provisioning metrics



The task I'm trying to implement is gather provisioning metrics from
OpenStack VMs using Ceilometer. Precisely, I need to provide time of
execution for the provisioning tasks *scheduling, **spawning, networking *via

After reading Ceilometer and Nova documentation I figured out that Nova
could already provide the needed events with the following configuration:

notification_driver =
notify_on_state_change = vm_and_task_state

This should make Nova generate corresponding events with
event type. So I guess there is no need to implement pollster plugin in
this case, but listener plugin still needs to be implemented. From what I
understand, it should be implemented in ceilometer/compute/notifications.py to
process events that Nova sends to RabbitMQ. I've tried to do so similarly
to already existing plugins in  notifications.py and added it as an entry
point in setup.cfg (ceilometer.collector section) but couldn't see any
changes after reinstalling and restarting Ceilometer services.

Could you please help on how the listener plugin is supposed to be created?
There are good chances I have some misunderstandings in the concept of
Ceilometer plugins.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Ruslan Kiianchuk.

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