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Re: Changing the location of Nova's instances


On May 15, 2013, at 8:52 AM, Robert van Leeuwen <Robert.vanLeeuwen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I would like to move all instances into /home/storage/nova/instances. 
> The following value in nova.conf specifies where the images are located:
> state_path

Ah, ok! That's the info I was looking for. So the entire /var/lib/nova directory needs to be relocated, not just /var/lib/nova/instances. Got it.

>> Of course, I would shut down all instances and copy everything to the new location. But how do I convince Nova >that things have changed? Also, the various libvirt.xml files have references to /var/lib/nova/instances. Is it a >manual process to change these references? Or is there some magical migration command that would fix everything >for me? :)
> I don't think there is a tool for that but a bash one-liner should be able to search and replace this in the XML files :)

This is true. And it's exactly what I'll do. :) Thanks for your help!


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