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Re: Grizly - Quantum - Openvswitch : routeur and L3-agent


> I'm actually using centos 6.4 with openstack rdo repo
> I'd like to use quantum with openvswitch  in a GRE tunnel setup.
We are using the same thing. Good news: it works :)
Note that the openvswitch included in Centos 6.4 does not support GRE. 
You will need to build your own openvswitch kernel module from upstream.

> # quantum l3-agent-router-add 1e4208c5-3615-488b-bfa9-56fbb512d2f9 9fbb0569-7e7b-4b47-8096-4f5e2f981c3b
> return : Agent 1e4208c5-3615-488b-bfa9-56fbb512d2f9 is not a L3 Agent or has been disabled
Since you won't be using namespaces (not supported on CentOS 6.4,  set "use_namespaces = False" in l3-agent.ini )
you must set the "router-id" of the router you want to run in the l3_agent.ini. 

If you set the quantum server to debug you should see something referring to this when you start the l3-agent.

Robert van Leeuwen