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Project wrap-up videos from Portland


Forwarded message:
> From: Russell Bryant <rbryant@xxxxxxxxxx>
> As for those that would normally lurk in the back of the room, if they
> can be there, great. If not, it's not the end of the world. There
> should not be anything that is *exclusively* discussed and decided at
> the design summit. Things should be documented, discussed on the
> mailing list, and vetted on gerrit all the same, so everyone should
> still have visibility into what is going on.

This message from Russell reminded me that of the videos that were uploaded from Portland, ones that seem to be vitally important, yet missing, are those project wrap-up talks given by the various PTLs.

Perhaps someone (Stefano?) knows if those videos might be available?  Having videos such as these available following Hong Kong will be all so much more important for those that fail to make it.

Eric Windisch

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